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Logo for the 2014 Women's Leadership Conference 


The 2014 Women’s Leadership Conference will be held on October 23, 2014 at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond, and the theme is Strong women – May we know them. May we raise them. May we be them.  The conference targets women in both public service and private sector that have a strong interest in achievement, the drive to advance their career, and passion for partnering with others to promote women’s leadership. At this year’s conference, there will be 500 women in attendance and a large majority of them will be from state government.  The conference is geared towards women at every stage in their career paths, from administrative professionals to executives to those who are movers and shakers seeking to develop new skills for better professional mobility.



Strong Women:  May we know them; May we raise them; May we be them.

As women in public service, we came into this profession with multitudes of expectations, desires and goals - all of which may differ from woman to woman.  As public servants, we also came to this profession because we want to change this world in some way.  We want to make this world better: to empower our citizens, to create successful and safe communities, and to enrich our education.  Those goals are big, and they are perfect.  We can only do it together.  It is time for us to look around, rise up with these women, share our strength with those around us and be STRONG WOMEN.

Strong women:  May we know them…look around you…your friends, co-workers, mothers and sisters, you DO know them…they are in all places, all around you, all of the time;

Strong women:  May we raise them…everything that we do raises them; we raise strength in women by our own lives, our leadership, and our voices;

Strong women:  May we be them…we ARE them, we are strong women….and if it is not clear to us today, we must take off those blinders, we must peel back those layers of self-doubt, break apart those systematic barriers, refute those tired stereotypes and see through to ourselves as we are all STRONG WOMEN.



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