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Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) for payment of child support


A Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) is a court order used in domestic relations cases to provide payments for property division, child support, and alimony for support. 

In cooperation with each plan administrator, Child Support Services (CSS) has developed QDRO forms for the seven Oklahoma state agency retirement plans as well as a Motion for QDRO and a generic QDRO sample.  These QDROs are for child support ONLY and do not address property division or alimony for support.  Most of the state plans post a QDRO for property divisions and/or alimony for support on their internet pages.

Each of these QDRO forms is available in WORD form in the DHS Internet Library.  Note that the Oklahoma Firefighters Pension and Retirement System (OFPRS) does not require a QDRO to offset retirement benefits for payment of child support, an Income Withholding Order (IWO) will suffice.


Both the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University have retirement plans that are alternatives to university employees participating in the Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System.  When CSS develops an agreed form of QDRO for these two university retirement plans we intend to post that as well.


CSS would like to develop this site as a more comprehensive source of information and QDRO form sharing so that Attorney's and others needing a QDRO do not have to start from scratch with each retirement plan.  We would also like to receive copies of any Child Support specific QDROs that you have used with other retirement plans. 


If you would like more information regarding QDROs and CSS, please contact Anthony.Jackson@okdhs.org or Mary.Thompson@okdhs.org


Oklahoma State Retirement plans, participants, and their statutory basis


Plan/Who Participates? Legal Authority QDRO

Oklahoma Police Pension Retirement System (OPPRS)


Oklahoma municipal police officers

11 O.S. §50-124 QDRO - OPPRS 
(.pdf, 5 pp, 93 KB)

Uniform Retirement System for Justices and Judges (URSJJ)


Judges and Justices who serve on the:

  1. Oklahoma Supreme Court,
  2. Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals,
  3. Court of Civil Appeals,
  4. Worker's Compensation Court, and the
  5. Oklahoma District Courts

*administered by OPERS

20 O.S. §1111 QDRO - URSJJ
(.pdf, 5 pp, 94 KB)

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC)


Employees of the ODWC

29 O.S. §3-306 QDRO - ODWC
(.pdf, 5 pp, 93 KB)

Oklahoma Law Enforcement Retirement System (OLERS)


Oklahoma state law enforcement officers

47 O.S. §2-303.3 QDRO - OLERS
(.pdf, 5 pp, 95 KB)

Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)


Employees of:

  1. Oklahoma state & local government
  2. Oklahoma state & county elected officials,
  3. Hazardous duty employees,(including Correctional Officers, Probation & Parole Officers and Fugitive Apprehension Agents of the Department of Corrections; as well as Oklahoma Military Department Firefighters.
74 O.S. §923 QDRO – OPERS
(.pdf, 5 pp, 93 KB)

Oklahoma Teachers Retirement System (OTRS)


Educators and employees working in Oklahoma public education institutions and agencies

70 O.S. §17-109 QDRO – OTRS
(.pdf, 5 pp, 93 KB)

Firefighters Pension and Retirement System (FPRS)


Eligible firefighters of a participating municipality or a fire protection district (complete list of participating municipalities on website)


Send to:

FPRS, 6601 Broadway Extension, Suite 100, Oklahoma City, OK  73116

11 O.S. 49-126Use standard IWO form
  Motion for QDRO
(.pdf, 3 pp, 85 KB)
QDRO – Generic
(.pdf, 4 pp, 88 KB)


Last Updated: July 20, 2016