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   Child Care Advisory Committee Minutes
Catholic Charities
1501 North Classen Blvd.
10:00 AM
Wednesday June 10, 2015



Members Present: William Alexander, Lesli Blazer, Peggy Byerly, Doug Gibson, Gayla Ham, Kayla Hindman, Felicia Jackson, Eloise Locust, Amanda McClain, Debbie Medley, Peggy Pearson, Rachel Proper, Jolene Ring, Brent Thackerson, Paige Whalen



Members not Present: Frank Alberson, Barbara Boise, Amy Chlouber, Dierdre McCool, Kami McManus, Chrystal Nelson, Anthony Stafford, Michelle Stasser, Sara Vincent, Midge Woodard



Others Present: Denise Anderson, Susan Case, Rikki Cosper, LuAnn Faulkner-Schneider, Heath Hostetler, Paula Koos, Mitzi Lee, Karen Manwell, Tammy Maus, Rod Phillips, Amber Ranck, Kristi Simpson, Pamela Smith, Carole Turner, Linda Whaley, Cathy Williams



Call to Order: Debbie Medley called meeting to order at 10:01 AM.



Reflection: Eloise Locust provided words of reflection.





Approval of Minutes: June 10, 2015 minutes approved

The Meeting Notice was posted at Catholic Charities on 9/8/2015. The Agenda and Meeting Notice were posted on 9/1/2015 on publisher@ecapitol.net

with a list of all CCAC meetings for 2015 previously submitted to the Secretary of State on 2/17/2015.



Child Care Facilities Revisions Subcommittee: Peggy Byerly provided report that committee is currently on Step 14. On 6/4/2015 the Governor approved the combined requirements and the effective date will be 1/1/16. The mail out to facilities will be at the end of the year.


Standing Membership Subcommittee Report: The membership subcommittee did not meet this quarter but will meet in the next quarter to replace those members whose terms expire in December.
William Alexander, Gayla Ham, and Jolene Ring attended orientation today.


Standing Subcommittee Report: Child Care Facilities (center) standing subcommittee report was given by Rachel Proper. The initial meeting was held on 5/28/2015 and the next will be held in Tulsa on Friday, 9/18/2015. The subcommittee is looking to build rural


Family Child Care Home standing subcommittee report was given by Amber Ranck. The next meeting will be on 10/19/2015.


Residential standing subcommittee report was given by Brent Thackerson. The next meeting will be held on 11/5-6/2015 in Sulpher at the Artisan Hotel.


QRIS standing subcommittee report was given by Peggy Pearson. The first meeting will be held this afternoon (9/9/2015) at 1:30 PM.


Legislative Update: Linda Whaley provided a handout. Linda reminded everyone about the State Plan public hearing to be held on 1/12/2016 at 1 PM. The goal is to have the pre-print draft written by 12/1/2015 for comment. There are currently several workgroups covering the topics of emergency preparedness, expulsion policies, consumer education, and homelessness.


Licensing Sanctions Report: Kristi Simpson provided a handout.


Old Business: Brent Thackerson gave background on the need for an addendum to residential requirements regarding family style homes. There has been a national movement against congregate care. Oklahoma wants to be recognized for providing a higher quality care. Debbie Medley appointed Brent Thackerson to chair the subcommittee.


Fingerprint Update: Veronica Taylor provided an update on fingerprinting. As of 9/16/2015, the Licensing Records Office will be known as the Office of Background Investigations and will be under OIG. There is a need for a fingerprint subcommittee to look at the new Child Care Development Block Grant Act.


Debbie Medley appointed Rachel Proper to chair. Brent Thackerson, Jolene Ring, Gayla Ham, Peggy Pearson, Felicia Jackson and Amanda McClain will also serve. Additional recommendations may be sent to Lesli Blazer. The group will begin meeting in October.


New Business: Lesli Blazer gave an update on the DHS budget.


Next Meetings:
December 9, 2015 – will be held at Sunbeam
March 9, 2016
June 8, 2016
September 14, 2016
December 14, 2016


Meeting adjourned at 11:30 AM


Last Updated: December 18, 2015