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   Child Care Advisory Committee Minutes
Catholic Charities
1501 North Classen Blvd.
10:00 AM
Wednesday March 11, 2015




Members Present: Frank Alberson, Lesli Blazer, Amy Chlouber, Doug Gibson, Kayla Hindman, Danny Kaup, Eloise Locust, Amanada McClain, Kami McManus, Karen Manwell, Debbie Medley, Glennis Peterman, Rachel Proper, Luke Tallant, Brent Thackerson, Sara Vincent, Paige Whalen

Members not Present: Peggy Byerly, Felicia Jackson, Dierdre McCool, Chrystal Nelson, Peggy Pearson, Anthony Stafford, Midge Woodard

Others Present: Denise Anderson, Bonnie Clift, Amy Cornelson, Rikki Cosper, LuAnn Faulkner-Schneider, Paula Koos, Mitzi Lee, Tammy Maus, Heather Pugh, Kristi Simpson, Pamela Smith, Jennifer Towell, Carole Turner, Linda Whaley

Call to Order: Debbie Medley called meeting to order at 10:00 AM.

Reflection: Eloise Locust provided words of reflection


Approval of Minutes: December 10, 2014 minutes approved

The Meeting Notice was posted at Catholic Charities on March 11, 2015. The Agenda and Meeting Notice were posted on March 9, 2015 on publisher@ecapitol.net with a list of all CCAC meetings for 2015 previously submitted to the Secretary of State on February 17, 2015.


Child Care Facilities Revisions Subcommittee: Karen Manwell provided report that committee is currently on step 13 of 14. A public hearing request was made on 3/10/2015. The DHS Office of Intergovernmental Relations and Policy is reviewing this request.


Standing Membership Subcommittee Reports: The membership subcommittee met 3/11/2015. Rachel Proper was selected as vice-chair. Current and upcoming vacancies were reviewed. Next scheduled meeting set for 4/21/2015. Orientation was provided for two new members: Paige Whalen and Amanda McClain.


Standing Subcommittee Report: Child Care Facilities (center) standing subcommittee report was given by Rachel Proper. They are working to build out the committee and have sent out invitations to serve on the committee with over 100 responses received. The subcommittee will meet in May in the OKC area and then again in September.


FCCH standing subcommittee report was presented by Kami McManus who is the new chair. The next meeting will be held on 3/28/2015 prior to the FCCH Conference.


Residential standing subcommittee report was provided by Brent Thackerson. The last meeting held was in November with the next meeting to be held in the spring. Frank Alberson will lead the OKCare meeting on 5/7/2015 and will provide a report in June.

Legislative Update: Linda Whaley provided a handout.

ACF Office of Child Care – CCDBG delayed State Plan submission to March 1, 2016. State Plan Public Hearing scheduled for May will be rescheduled for January.

Licensing Sanctions Report: Kristi Simpson provided a handout.

Old Business: Amy Cornelson provided an update on fingerprinting. As of 3/5/2015 the Licensing Records Office is working day for day. They received 26,195 requests in 2014 and had 948 restricted or prohibited individuals. There are currently 36 sites including a mobile vendor. You may now start requesting investigations for those not due until 2016.
Revisions to by-laws were approved.

A chair for the new QRIS standing subcommittee will be appointed in June.

New Business: Kami McManus expressed concern from family child care home providers about the law requiring their addresses being included on the Child Care Locator.

Meetings in 2015:
March 11, 2015
June 10, 2015
September 9, 2015
December 9, 2015 – will be held at Sunbeam

Meeting adjourned at 11:14 AM



Last Updated: December 18, 2015