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Skilled Nursing Code Change Removal of G0154 and G0154-TF


Effective December 31, 2015 the code currently used for Skilled Nursing Home Health

Setting G0154 and the code used for Extended State Plan Skilled Nursing G0154-TF will be



The following codes will now replace these codes;



G0299 Registered Nurse (RN-Only)-Skilled Nursing-Home Health Setting

G0299-TF Registered Nurse (RN-Only) Extended State Plan Skilled Nursing

G0300 Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN-Only) - Home

Health Setting

G0300-TF Licensed Practical Nurse/Licensed Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN-Only) - Extended



State Plan Skilled Nursing

The following changes will take effect for the Skilled Nursing Codes (G0154 and G0154-TF) as




The Medicaid Services Unit (MSU) will convert the currently authorized G0154 and G0154–TF

codes to the G0300 and G0300-TF codes to allow for the Licensed Practical Nurse or the

Licensed Vocational Nurse to provide the Service.


Timely filing for all billing is 6 months from service delivery but to assist with the conversion

and reduce number of future addendums, having the most updated billing of service utilization

for G0154 and G0154-TF codes are encouraged.


Information regarding the Provider Audits:

This change will not impact provider audits for fiscal year (FY) 2016. Any changes to provider

audits for future years will be communicated via the Quality Assurance/Improvement

department at that time.



Effective January 1, 2016, all Service Plans and Addendums submitted must reflect the new

codes listed above to alleviate potential delays in processing.


Last Updated: January 11, 2016