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Child Care: Child Care Locator Updates
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  • What are the new features?
    • Parents and the public can view more information about child care facilities through the Summary of Facility Monitoring. The summary provides historical monitoring visits and compliance data for one year or less, depending on how long a child care facility has been licensed.


  • How do I access the summary?
    • The summary is accessed through the Child Care Locator. Simply enter selection criteria on the main page of the locator, choose the Search for Child Care button, and a list of facilities that match the criteria will display. Choose a facility and click the name or case number to access the summary.


  • What information will the summary tell me?
    • The summary lists the facility’s basic information, such as name, phone number, address (centers only) and star status. It also lists the dates of monitoring visits, the purpose of the visit, and the areas of non-compliance observed. Clicking on the area of non-compliance opens a pop-up window with a description of the area of non-compliance and some examples. Currently, specific information about areas of non-compliance is not available online. Clicking on the purpose of visit shows the definition of the type of visit made to the facility.


  • What information will the summary tell me about licensing complaints?
    • The summary shows the date, allegation and finding for all completed licensing complaints. Clicking on the finding opens a pop-up window that shows a definition of each finding.


  • Are child welfare complaints shown on the summary?
    • No. Oklahoma Child Care Services refers abuse/neglect allegations to OKDHS Child Welfare for screening and/or investigation. OKDHS Child Welfare will issue a summary of their findings to the facility within 60 days of acceptance. If confirmed, the facility is required to post the summary for 120 days and maintain a copy in their facility file for one year. A copy of this summary is in the public file kept at the Child Care Licensing Office.
Last Updated:  11/27/2012