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Oklahoma Silver Haired Legislature Alumni Association
Oklahoma Silver Haired Legislature Alumni Association


The Oklahoma Silver Haired Legislature Alumni Association (OSHLAA) is the supporting organization of the Oklahoma Silver Haired Legislature (OSHL). 
The membership consists of OSHL members having served at least one year of their first term in the OSHL. 

The purpose of the Alumni is:

  • To aid and support the OSHL;
  • To encourage past OSHL to remain active or renew activities in reaching the OSHL mission of senior advocacy;
  • To conduct OSHL business in agreement with the policies and rules of the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA); and
  • The Alumni raises money for the OSHL through fundraising events and individual contributions and from annual membership dues and registration fees.
    The OSHL receives technical and office support from Aging Services Division (ASD) and the 11 Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) and receives charitable
    donations from corporations.

Recent state legislation was passed allowing individual state taxpayers to check off on their tax returns an amount they want to contribute to the OSHL and/or
the OSHLAA from their tax return amount, at no expense to the state.

The group meets during the first three quarters of the year, in  coordination with the state legislature's year. 

OKDHS Aging Services Division Contact:

Shirley Cox

Phone:  (405) 522-3069
Fax:       (405) 521-2086

2011 Meetings

  • January 6
  • April 7
  • July 7
  • September 21


Executive Committee Officers:
Rowena Scott Johnson, President
John Terneus, 1st VP
Mary Schneider, 2nd VP
Pat Childers, Secretary
Natalie Morey, Treasurer
L.V. Watkins, Speaker (House)
Correna Wilson-Pickens, Speaker Protem (House)
James Fullerton, President Protem (Senate)
Pauline Fahle, Floor Leader (Senate)
Willie Norris, Immediate Past President

Executive Committee
Charlene Norris, Rep. District 1 
Barbara Dove, Liaison, Grand Gateway

Beth Harrington, Rep. District 2
Bill Waggoner, Liaison, EODD

Dolores Tatum, Rep. District 3
Samantha Humphreys, Liaison, KEDDO

Peter S. Durso, Rep. District 4
Debbie Odom, Liaison, SODA

Correna Wilson-Pickens, Rep. District 5
Theresa Beverage, Liaison, COEDD

Janice Stadler, Rep. District 6
Clark Miller, Liaison, Tulsa

Charles Clark, Rep. District 7
AJ Shorter, Liaison, NODA

James Crowder, Rep. District 8;
Katie Hoefling, Liaison, Areawide

Rev. Charles Watson, Rep. District 9
Heather Sladek, Liaison, ASCOG

Vacant, Rep. District 10
Ada Vanderford, Liaison, SWODA

Pauline Fahle, Rep. District 11
Kim Pierce, Liaison, OEDA
Leona Perry, OEDA, Director

Last Updated:  4/11/2011