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The Practice and Policy Lecture Series has been developed to provide thought-provoking presentations on Oklahoma's emerging policy issues, trends and best practices. The series is sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Office of Performance Outcomes and Accountability and the University of Oklahoma Center for Public Management with the goal of providing the best educational opportunities available in a forum that offers participants an opportunity to question, share and learn from each other.

Practice and Policy Research Quarterly 

Child Care
Child Welfare
Customer Service
Developmental Disabilities
Domestic Violence
Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
Health Care
Marriage and Family
Poverty Solutions

Lecture DateLecture TitleSpeaker(s)
1/12/2012Benchmarking Asset Development in Fighting PovertyDavid Blatt, Ph.D. and Steven Shepelwich
5/19/2011Oklahoma's Building Strong Families ProjectDr. Barbara Devaney
9/28/2009What's New in Child Welfare:  Practice Model OverviewLorrie L. Lutz
10/17/2008Child Welfare in Russia:  A Brief History and Current OpportunitiesDr. Lanny Endicott
5/21/2010Impacts of Childhood Trauma:  What To Do About ItCharles Wilson
2/17/2012Tell Me a Story: The Reality of Oklahoma's Children of Incarcerated ParentsCheri Fuller
11/12/2013Improving Child Protection with Safety ScienceMichael J. Cull, Ph.D.
12/10/2013Child Welfare Services: Pinnacle Plan ImplementationDeborah G. Smith, M.S.W.
3/30/2012Children's Right to Thrive:  The Foundational YearsDr. Craig T. Ramey
1/23/2013Chronic Disease Self-ManagementKate Lorig, R.N., Ph.D.
4/25/2013Closing the Opportunity Gap: Building Equity in OklahomaKate Richey
2/25/2014Communicating Respectfully with People who have DisabilitiesAnn Trudgeon and Helen Kutz
12/7/2010Creating an Opportunity SocietyRon Haskins, Ph.D.
09/23/2014Customer ServiceL. Lee Manzer, Ph.D.
11/19/2010Customer Service - Meeting NeedsDr. George E. Young, Sr.
8/20/2009Good Customer Service: What Does It Look and Feel Like?Malika Reed Wilkins
11/8/2011Respecting Diversity: Stories from the HolocaustMichael Korenblit
10/29/2013Domestic Violence: The Hidden EpidemicJackie Steyn
2/27/2013Drug Recognition - Drug IdentificationCapt. David Huff
1/28/2014Dual Status Youth and their Families: Altering the Human and Fiscal TollJohn Tuell
8/17/2011Oklahoma's Early Childhood Development InitiativesMarny Dunlap, M.D. and Susan Kimmel, Ph.D.
10/7/2010Start Smart - Benefits of Early Childhood EducationGerard Clancy, M.D.
3/8/2010Eliminating Stereotypes: Words Matter!John Hockenberry
9/11/2008Ethics: People, Purpose, Power and the Big PictureTom W. Boyd
5/16/2013Ethics in a Regulatory Environment Daniel Ostas, Ph.D.
11/19/2009Why the Faith Community Should be Involved in Human Services:  Stories of CompassionDr. Marty Michelson
12/8/2009Family Instability and Complexity: Views from the BottomDr. Kathy Edin
3/27/2013Best Practices in Family ServicesCharisse Johnson
10/9/2012Fostering Hope: Making a Difference in Foster CareDeborah Shropshire, M.D.
2/11/2013New Beginnings: The Future of OKDHSEd Lake
2/18/2010Future Technology: Everything ElasticDr. Kishore Swaminathan
12/13/2011A Generation at Risk: Impact of Divorce on ChildrenDr. Paul Amato
1/20/2011The Economics of Health Care ReformMichael Fogarty
4/8/2010What Did We Do In Health Reform?Dr. David Cutler
3/6/2014Infant Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of Infants and Toddlers in the Child Welfare SystemBrenda Jones-Harden, Ph.D.
4/24/2009Lunch and Learn: Information Security/TechnologyStephen Hurst
2/23/2011Why the Institutions DiedEd Skarnulis
12/10/2012Does Marriage Education Work?Scott Stanley, Ph.D.
12/8/2008Why Marriage Matters to ChildrenDr. Paul Amato
8/11/2010Mental Health Impact - Soldiers Deployed to IraqTerry Cline, Ph.D.
4/20/2012The Oklahoma Pinnacle Plan: An Improvement Plan for Child Welfare ServicesDeborah G. Smith
9/2/2010Leading the Way - Public Sector LeadershipLindy Ritz
1/11/2010The Economy Around Us: Recession and RecoveryChad Wilkerson
10/12/2011Using Research to Inform Best Practices in Early ChildhoodDr. Diane Horm and Annie Koppel Van Hanken
5/17/2012The Senior Safety Net in JeopardyKaryne Jones
11/8/2012The Future of Serving Oklahoma SeniorsLance Robertson
3/24/2011The Economics of Oklahoma Single ParentsLarkin and Jean S. Warner
11/12/2008The Impact of Substance Abuse in OklahomaCaletta McPherson
9/13/2012Trauma Informed Child WelfareLisa Conradi, Psy.D.
8/29/2008Values, Beliefs and Norms of the Mexican FamilyDr. Rolando Diaz-Loving

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