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The Practice and Policy Lecture Series has been developed to provide thought-provoking presentations on Oklahoma's emerging policy issues, trends and best practices. The series is sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Office of Planning, Research and Statistics and the University of Oklahoma Center for Public Management with the goal of providing the best educational opportunities available in a forum that offers participants an opportunity to question, share and learn from each other.

All lectures are free and open to the public.

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Wednesday., Feb. 11, 2009, noon

The Developing Storm: Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Jepson will explain the emerging social and financial crisis caused by the untreated autism epidemic.

Bryan Jepson, M.D.

About the Speaker:
Bryan Jepson, M.D., graduated from the University of Utah Medical School in 1995 and completed residency training in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1998. Dr. Bryan Jepson is board certified in emergency medicine. Over the course of 2001, the year his second son was diagnosed with autism, he and his wife Laurie began exploring treatment options, but found that the medical community knew little about the cause, treatment, or prognosis of this disease.

After their year of intensive research into all aspects of the illness, they felt a strong need to establish a clinic where autistic children could receive the most up-to-date care available. From 2002-2005, Children’s Biomedical Center of Utah (a non-profit organization) was instrumental in raising awareness throughout the intermountain west about issues related to autism and other childhood developmental disorders. During that time Jepson treated hundreds of children on the autism spectrum and enjoyed the experience of watching them improve. Since joining the team at Thoughtful House Center for Children in Austin, Texas, he is able to turn his attention full-time to both treatment and research of the most important ‘emergency’ he has ever treated.

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