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​The Practice and Policy Lecture Series has been developed to provide thought-provoking presentations on Oklahoma's emerging policy issues, trends and best practices. The series is sponsored by the Oklahoma Department of Human Service of Office of Performance Outcomes & Accountability and the University of Oklahoma Center for Public Management with the goal of providing the best educational opportunities available in a forum that offers participants an opportunity to question, share and learn from each other.

All lectures are free and open to the public.

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Thursday, January 25th, noon - 1:00 pm.


Roksana Alavi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Interdisciplinary Studies

Affiliate Faculty in Women and Gender Studies

University of Oklahoma


Human Trafficking:  Information and Prevention


Oklahoma History Center

800 Nazih Zuhdi Drive

Oklahoma City, OK 73106


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Summary:  Join us for an overview of human trafficking or what is referred to as modern-day slavery.  Trafficking in persons is a complex and varied phenomenon including bonded labor, forced migration, and organ and sex trafficking. Millions of women, men, and children are involved around the world. In this talk we will explore the character, scope, and causes of, as well as responses to human trafficking. Dr. Alavi will end the lecture by considering successful strategies for combatting human trafficking and what we as a community and individuals can do.


Roksana Alavi is an assistant professor of Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Continuing and Professional Studies at the University of Oklahoma, where she teaches courses on leadership ethics, and women in leadership positions. She is currently teaching a course on Philosophy of Race. She is a core affiliate faculty at the Women and Gender Studies program, Center for Social Justice and the Iranian Studies Program. She received her Ph.D. in Philosophy in May of 2008 from the University of Kansas, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies in May of 2004. Alavi’s general area of research is social and political philosophy. More specifically, she focuses on race, gender, stereotyping, and oppression. Her most recent research has focused on three main areas: (1) critical race theory, (2) human trafficking, and (3) leadership. She has recently edited a book on ethics and leadership that was published in 2016, and has a book under contract titled, “Iranian Identity, American Existence”. Alavi is currently serving in the editorial board of Sage Guidebook on Human Trafficking, as well as the Oklahoma Attorney General’s task force on human trafficking.



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