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Child Support : Calculator

Child Support Calculator

2. Number of nights child(ren) stay(s) with parent per year

3. Gross Monthly Income

4. Amount of self-employment income included in line 3

Total gross monthly income

5. SSA Title II benefits paid for child(ren) (enter in column for disabled or retired parent)

6. Court ordered support alimony paid from prior case

7. Court ordered monthly adjustment for marital debt

8. Court ordered Child Support actually paid to other families 

9. Number of in-home children excluding children in case

Child Care Expense

10. Monthly amount paid by each parent, or other custodian for child care for the children (Must be able to provide receipts)

OKDHS Child Care Subsidy Worksheet
If no children are receiving child care assistance skip line 11, 12

11. Total number of children in each household receiving subsidy (Including children on this case)

12. Number of children included from Line 11 in this case

Health Insurance Expense

13. Monthly amount paid by each parent for health and insurance premium for the child(ren) only

Other Contributions

14. Cash paid for fixed ongoing medical costs

15. Visitation transportation costs

Cash Medical Support

Last Updated:  2/24/2015