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Request replacement of SNAP cards or Oklahoma debit card
Recipients of SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program commonly known as "food stamps") whose households were impacted by the storms and have lost their food benefit cards may contact their county OKDHS worker and request new cards and lost food replacement. Recipients who lost food destroyed as a result of the severe storms can also request replacement of the lost food up to the monthly allotment amount received this month. Persons needing food assistance can apply for SNAP at their local county OKDHS office.
Persons receiving state benefits, foster care reimbursement, adoption assistance, or child support on the “Oklahoma Master Card” debit card who have lost their card due to the storms may request a replacement card by calling 1-888-401-9843.  If their home has been completely destroyed and they have no way of receiving a replacement card in the mail, recipients can request the replacement card be sent to them care of their local county OKDHS office. Please provide the person’s name on the card and the address of the local office when requesting the replacement card be mailed to the office. Recipients can then pick up their replacement card at the county office. 
Anyone needing help with OKDHS services may call the Director’s Helpline at  (405) 521-2779 or 1-877-751-2972
Last Updated:  5/24/2013