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340:75-15-128. Adoption Assistance Program

Revised 7-1-11

(a) The purpose of the Adoption Assistance Program is to help secure and support safe and permanent adoptive families for children with special needs.  Adoption assistance is designed to provide adoptive families of any economic stratum with needed social services, and medical and financial support to care for children considered difficult to place.  Unlike the foster care program, adoptive parents are primarily responsible for the child's support.  Benefits provided through the Adoption Assistance Program are designed to supplement the resources of the adoptive family.

(b) The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) promotes the Adoption Assistance Program by providing information, to families who apply for adoption through OKDHS, about the availability of adoption assistance for eligible children with special needs.

  • (1) OKDHS provides information to Oklahoma licensed child-placing agencies and federally recognized Indian tribes about the availability of adoption assistance for eligible children with special needs.
  • (2) OKDHS does not have the responsibility to seek out and inform individuals who are unknown to OKDHS about the possibility of adoption assistance for children with special needs who are also unknown to OKDHS.

(c) Title IV-E at Section 473 of the Social Security Act provides for a federal adoption assistance program to assist states in providing assistance to eligible children with special needs.  When a child with special needs is not eligible for federally funded adoption assistance, the child may be eligible for state funded assistance under the Oklahoma Adoption Assistance Act, Section 7510-1.3 of Title 10 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Last Updated:  6/30/2011