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340:65-5-66. Substitute payee for the TANF Program

Issued 6-1-08


     When the head of the household is a minor, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefit may be issued to a substitute payee rather than the minor.  • 1



Issued 6-1-08


1.  (a) Substitute payees are used, when available, if the minor meets eligibility conditions at OAC 340:10-3-56(a)(3)(P).

(b) The worker enters in the Family Assistance/Client Services (FACS) Interview Notebook Case Information tab the name of the substitute payee in the "guardian, substitute payee, conservator, authorized representative, other" field and "substitute payee" in the "responsible person, or extra address" field.

(b) TANF benefits are issued by use of a MasterCard debit card or through direct deposit.  The minor must call the Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) Customer Call Center at 1-888-401-9843 to request the substitute payee be made a secondary cardholder for the debit card.  See OAC 340:65-3-6 for information about debit cards and direct deposit.

Last Updated:  10/19/2011