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OKDHS:2-21-152. Design Services

Revised 4-1-09


(a) Services available.

  • (1) Consulting.  Design Services assists customers in establishing guidelines for projects, including identifying target audiences, establishing timelines and desired outcomes, choosing communications and distribution methods, style, content, and format.
  • (2) Writing.  Design Services provides writing services as necessary to help customers communicate their message effectively.
  • (3) Editing.  Design Services edits all manuscripts for accuracy and readability.    Criteria include:
    • (A) content that supports the mission of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) and the agency's communications policies;
    • (B) writing and graphics clearly understood by the intended audience;
    • (C) style consistent with industry standards;
    • (D) language appropriate to the subject and audience; and
    • (E) spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure that conform to standards established by the Associated Press, the agency's communications standards and policies, and standard English usage.
  • (4) Graphics arts services.  Design Services provides layout and graphic design services.
    • (A) Graphic design.  After an initial consultation with the customer, the graphic artist produces a draft of the materials for the customer's review.  The consult‑review process continues with the customer to produce a satisfactory product.
    • (B) Finished materials.  The graphic artist prepares a finished version of the materials.  For printed materials, Design Services routes jobs to the Departmental Services Unit (DSU) Print Shop unless the customer has an approved contract with an outside vendor.
    • (C) Web versions.  Design Services provides an electronic version of all materials to the Web Content unit.
  • (5) Photographic services.  Design Services provides photography services.
  • (6) Business cards.  Business cards are printed for OKDHS employees via Form 23PU134E, Business Card Order Form, submitted to Design Services.  Only the approved designs are available.  No changes may be made to the approved designs.  Only approved content is allowed.  Nothing may be printed on the back.

(b) Planning for services.  The requesting unit initiates a planning meeting with Design Services before beginning any major project.

(c) Requests for services.  Services are requested by completing Form 23PU083E, Editorial, Graphics and Photo/Video Production Form, and submitting the form to the Design Services manager. 

  • (1) The appropriate division director or designee reviews and authorizes each Form 23PU083E.
  • (2) The requesting unit provides text electronically for requested materials.

(d) Timelines.  Design Services acknowledges requests for services within three working days. 

(e) Client permission.  A unit that requests materials that specifically identifies or portrays a person or organization must secure the client's or vendor's permission for release of information on Form 16AD013E, News Media and Media Production Release of Information Form.  A copy of the form is sent to Design Services.

(f) Copyrights.  The requesting unit is responsible for securing permission to reprint copyrighted material, in whole or in part, except for small excerpts used for training purposes.

  • (1) A copy of the publisher's written permission must accompany Form 23PU083E.
  • (2) For direct photocopying of copyrighted materials, a copy of the publisher's written permission is attached to Form 23PU114E, Reproduction Request.  Design Services staff does not duplicate materials in violation of copyright laws.

(g) Mandatory content.  Each publication must contain specific information as set forth in Section 3105 of Title 74 of the Oklahoma Statutes, and provided by Design Services.

(h) Revisions of existing materials.  The requesting unit:

  • (1) marks changes directly on a printed copy of any materials that are to be revised or, if changes are extensive;
  • (2) marks the points where changes occur and sends an electronic copy of the text; and
  • (3) submits Form 23PU083E and attachments to Design Services.

(i) Statistics.  The requesting unit provides signed approval by the administrator of the OKDHS Office of Planning, Research, and Statistics (OPRS) for annual reports and summaries that contain statistics.

(j) Reviews for compliance.

  • (1) Office of Legislative Relations and Policy (OLRP) reviews each publication for compliance with the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act and existing OKDHS policy per OKDHS:2-31-28.
  • (2) Design Services reviews materials for compliance with the agency's communications standards and policies.


Last Updated:  9/7/2011