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OKDHS:2-21-62. Optical imaging services

Revised 5-1-14


     The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) Support Services Departmental Services Unit (DSU) Imaging Center Section provides optical imaging services for preserving records and documents.  The DSU Imaging Center meets all the requirements of the Archives and Records Commission (ARC) for preserving records in a digitally imaged format.

  • (1) Records maintained in an electronic document management system are subject to the imaging standards and disposition authority of the ARC.  Electronically formatted records are scheduled in the same manner as any other record.
  • (2) The imaging process includes preparation, scanning, indexing, duplication, dissemination, and retrieval of records.
    • (A) Documents are scanned in the same order and condition they are received.
      • (i) Envelopes may be cut open and scanned flat.
      • (ii) Notes are taped down.
      • (iii) Torn edges and staple tears are cut off.
    • (B) When a document contains defects, it is stamped, 'imaged as received. '
      • (i) Defects include, without limitation:
        • (I) text running off the page;
        • (II) redacted information on page; and
        • (III) missing or unreadable text on the page.
      • (ii) The Imaging Center does not stamp any document in a fashion that obscures text on the document.  In instances when a stamp would obscure text, any required stamp is placed on a cover sheet.
    • (C) The stamp of 'imaged as received.' indicates that one or more defects are present in the original document and that the imaged document is an exact duplicate of the original document.
  • (3) The quality control process ensures that the finished product meets ARC standards and requirements.



Last Updated:  5/16/2014