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July 5, 2013

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Stephanie Mendenhall – Smart Start Oklahoma
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Smart Start Announces Availability of Local Project Funds

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Pursuant to Oklahoma Executive Order 98-37, The Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness/Smart Start Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services announces the availability of Local Project Funding Number 14-002. The Oklahoma Department of Central Services will issue up to $42,300 to fund a Smart Start Oklahoma community including Adair, Cherokee, and Sequoyah counties. The contract will be effective on the date of award through June 30, 2014 with an option to renew for one additional year.

Community agencies eligible for this Local Project Funding opportunity will develop community collaborations that engage parents, community leaders, and other persons interested in early childhood to assure ALL children are safe, healthy, and prepared for school. This shall be accomplished through implementation of the following strategies:

  1. Early Care and Education Program Collaboration;
  2. Family and Community Engagement; 
  3. Integration of Health and Mental Health; 
  4. Early Literacy; additionally, the following optional strategy may be addressed:
  5. Coordinated Professional Development

Eligible applicants include any public or private entity, including an Indian tribe or tribal organizations (as defined at 25 U.S.C. 450b), and community-based organizations, including faith-based organizations, which meet the following requirements:

  1. Reside in Adair, Cherokee, or Sequoyah county;
  2. Have at least two years of experience in providing community based planning or coordination of local community services; and
  3. Have an ability to financially support project-related activities for at least two months

Preference will be given to applicants who have a demonstrated history of supporting an early childhood coalition through their organization and/or have support from an established early childhood coalition in their community.

Applications packets will be available beginning June 26, 2013 and applications are due 5 p.m. on July 19, 2013.  To request an application packet, please contact Stephanie Mendenhall, Fiscal Manager:
Smart Start Oklahoma
421 Northwest 13th Street, Suite 270
Oklahoma City, OK 73103
(405) 278-6978

The closing date for receipt of completed application is 5 p.m. on July 19 2013.


Last Updated:  1/6/2014