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Dec. 3, 2012

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OKDHS Community Partnerships Benefit State’s Most Vulnerable Citizens

OKLAHOMA CAPITOL -- The Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS) has issued its 2012 Annual Report, recognizing several Oklahomans who have used the agency’s services and programs to overcome obstacles and find success.

The report, entitled “75 Years of Service for Oklahoma,” featured Spencer resident Kevin Spotwood. The OKDHS Office of Volunteerism identified Spotwood as a client who was in dire need of relief from last summer’s sweltering heat, and provided him with an air conditioner.

“It was rough trying to sleep,” Spotwood said. “I just tried to maintain. Sometimes I would go to a neighbor’s house and sit under their A/C for a while. Then when I came back home I would be so hot and sweaty I would almost pass out. When I got my air conditioner from DHS I didn’t leave my house for two days,” he said.

According to Karen Jacobs, who heads up the OKDHS Office of Volunteerism, it’s the agency’s relationship with community partners that makes all the difference.

“We couldn’t do it without them,” Jacobs said.  “It is so important to engage our community partners and the public, not just with the air conditioners last summer but with projects throughout the year. This Thanksgiving we worked with our partners to provide 5,000 turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners. We are very fortunate to have these wonderful relationships that ultimately help so many of our fellow Oklahomans.”

Through the 2012 Annual Report, see how Oklahomans were served by the OKDHS. After 75 years of service, the agency’s mission continues as it strives to help Oklahoma families lead safer, healthier, and more productive lives.

A video documentary introduces a few of those Oklahomans and tells how OKDHS is serving greater numbers of families and individuals than ever before. To learn more about these clients, please visit OKDHS’ Annual Report online at http://oucpm.org/okdhsannualreport/


Spencer resident Kevin Spotwood benefits from OKDHS community partnerships

Spencer resident Kevin Spotwood benefits from OKDHS community partnerships.

Last Updated:  12/3/2012