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Aug. 5, 2011

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Child Welfare Supervisor Competes on Reality TV Show

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Angela Schmidt may be one of the next reality TV stars. The Child Welfare Supervisor from southwest Oklahoma is a contestant on the program, “Ammo and Attitude,” airing on the Versus Network.

“Ammo and Attitude” is an outdoor reality TV program that bills itself as something of a cross between “Survivor” and “The Apprentice.” It features six women who compete in various outdoor disciplines, including hunting techniques and wilderness survival.

Schmidt grew up in Snyder, feeding cattle and chopping cotton on the family farm. She currently lives in Frederick with her husband and daughter, and has been with OKDHS for eight years. She has been a child welfare supervisor for four years.

“It’s kind of funny because people at work can’t grasp the fact that once I leave the office, I’m a totally different person,” Schmidt said. More than once, her colleagues have asked for photographic proof that she actually spends her weekends working cattle, hunting and fishing.

She says she submitted her application for the reality show because she wanted to continue to “challenge herself.”

That is also one of the reasons Schmidt was drawn to work in child welfare.

“When I worked in the corrections systems in both Texas and in Oklahoma, I discovered that many inmates had been victims of abuse. I wanted to try to head that off at the pass. It can be a pretty thankless job sometimes, but when a family tells me that I’ve made a difference, that makes it all worthwhile.”

Schmidt credits her husband, Scott, with encouraging her to apply to the reality show. After waiting several weeks, and thinking she hadn’t made the cut, she was notified that she would be a contestant. The show was videotaped at the Lucky Star Ranch in Chaumont, New York.

“They talk funny,” says Schmidt. “One of crew members of the program asked me to get a ‘bult.’ It took me awhile to figure out he meant, ‘bolt.’”

She says they spent a lot of time taping episodes in the rain. She also says that the friendships she formed with the five other women competitors will last a lifetime. “We all have a lot in common because we love the outdoors. We still stay in touch with one another, and I think we always will,” she said.

“Ammo and Attitude” airs on Versus at 10 a.m. on Fridays and 11:30 a.m. on Sundays. Episodes are also online at http://www.ammoandattitude.com/ (Link opens in new window).


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