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Downloads and Plug-ins: Juniper
Juniper VPN Connection Instructions for Terminal Server Access

These instructions provide the steps for accessing Terminal Server through a VPN connection.  Internet access must be available in order to proceed.

These instructions apply to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services  (OKDHS) imaged TC4400 Tablet PC that has an internet connection and is using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) as a Web browser.

Open the IE Web browser and type the following in the IE Address bar:


Internet Explorer Web address window and "Go" button


A Security Alert screen may appear.

Security Alert Screen asking for approval to continue

Click on “OK” if the screen appears.

A second Security Alert screen may appear.

Security Alert Screen providing information about the security certificate

Click on “Yes” if this screen appears.

The SSL VPN login screen then appears.

Secure Access SSL VPN Login Screen showing location to enter username and password

 Type the appropriate user name in the Username text box and the appropriate password in the Password text box.  Click the “Sign In” button.

The Juniper network screen will appear in the Home state.

Juniper Network Screen showing user access

Click on the “TSFarm” text at the bottom left of the Terminal Sessions bar.

Terminal Server (TS) Farm link

The initial session for TSFarm will likely incur the following Windows Security Alert.

Windows Security Alert Screen requiring approval for user to proceed

Click on the “OK” button.

A Terminal Server session will now launch with the Log On screen.

Windows Login Screen used to access Terminal Server

The VPN connection has been completed and will be maintained for the duration
of the Terminal Server session.

After logging off of the Terminal Server session, the Juniper Network screen will re-appear.

Juniper Network Screen showing user access

Click on the “Sign Out” button to close the VPN session.

Sign Out button used to close the VPN session

The “Sign Out” button is on the right side of the blue color bar.

Menu Bar showing the location of the menu items and the Sing Out button

Once the session is ended the following screen will appear.

Session Over notice that let's users know the session has ended

The session is now over.

Last Updated:  9/20/2011