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Web site Help

OKDHS.org is the official Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) portal to all online state of Oklahoma human services information. Please be sure to bookmark www.OKDHS.org for future use.

This site offers many features to help you find what you want quickly and easily.


Client and Customer Access

Select one of the client or customer groups that match your interests or how you are visiting the OKDHS.org Web site. Use these groups to find services for Adults, Businesses and Employers, Children/Youth, Communities, Persons with Disabilities, Families, Older Persons, and for persons needing Health and Medical assistance.

Contact DHS

Use the DHS Contact Us page to contact various divisions and offices, and local Human Services Centers directly. You can also contact us with comments, questions, concerns and technical problems about OKDHS.org.

County Information

Need help finding information about DHS resources in each of Oklahoma's 77 counties? Use our Town and County Locator to help you find the information you need in the county of your choice or go to OKDHSLocal and choose your county in which you live.

Downloads and Plug-ins

This page has links to free downloads and plug-ins you'll need to view some DHS documents, such as those in PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel, and downloadable resources for DHS employees in the field.


You can submit a question, make a comment or suggestion or notify DHS about technical problems by using the Feedback link located at the bottom of most OKDHS.org pages.


  • Customer Feedback will:
    • Answer questions about OKDHS.org
    • Direct you to a division or office that may be able to help answer your question(s)
    • Assist you in finding links to selected state and federal government Web sites
  • Customer Feedback will not:
    • Provide online legal advice
    • Look up phone numbers, except for those referring you to contact information within DHS
    • Provide or look-up information that is not specifically related to official OKDHS or State of Oklahoma government business.
First-Time User

We've designed this site to make it easier for you to find the information that's important to you. You have two choices:


  • Browse - Much like browsing at your favorite bookstore, this is the best way to find new and interesting information, especially if you are not sure where you should look. Simply click on the main navigation (on the left), choose from on the Quick Links (on the right) or from the groupings of programs and services at the bottom on the OKDHS.org home page.
  • Search - If you know generally what you need, the search engine is probably the best place to start. Enter a keyword or phrase in the search box found on the top right of each OKDHS.org page and click Go to see results from thousands of pages of human services content.
How Do I Get Back?

OKDHS.org is all about the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. It gives you access to programs and services information and available online tools for interacting with OKDHS. Just as there are many ways to get around on OKDHS.org, there are also many ways to get back to the Web site once you leave.


  • Bookmark OKDHS.org - First, bookmark the OKDHS.org home page or other important pages on the Web site. These bookmarks will always return you to the information most important to you, no matter where you are on the World Wide Web. Below are the steps for setting a bookmark from OKDHS.org home page.
    • If Internet Explorer is your Web browser - Move the cursor to "Favorites" at the top of the browser window and click on "Add to Favorites" to set the bookmark.
    • If Netscape is your browser - Move the cursor to "Bookmarks" at the top of the browser window and click on "Add Bookmark" to set the bookmark.
  • DHS Logo - Another shortcut to the OKDHS.org home page is to click on the OKDHS logo. The OKDHS logo is found in the top left corner of most pages.
How Do I? or Frequently Asked Questions

Viewing items under the How Do I? section on the DHS home page to see the questions people often ask about OKDHS programs and services. If you don't find the answers you need, you can Contact Us with your comment, questions or suggestions and your e-mail will be answered in a timely manner.

How Frequently is OKDHS.org Updated?

Information is managed by each of the DHS divisions and offices and is frequently reviewed and updated. New information is added to OKDHS.org every hour, so be sure to visit the site often to get the latest information.


Use the Related Links page to get information from other sources related to DHS programs and services or view links pages across the Web site to find additional information. Site guests can also use the Library to download forms, view stats or browse Department policy.


There are many ways to get around on the DHS Web site. Here are several of the more commonly used methods.


  • Breadcrumbs - The OKDHS.org Web site has a series of links toward the top center of most pages known as "Breadcrumbs." These active links are separated by the ">" symbol. Breadcrumbs link back to specific parts of information on the OKDHS.org Web site. For example, Divisions/Offices > Child Support Enforcement Division.
  • General Navigation - Site-wide navigation is also available using the left and top links on most pages on OKDHS.org.
  • Back Button - If you want to go back only one page, simply use your browser's "Back" button to return to the previous page. That button is located toward the top left corner of most browsers. In some cases, the "Back" button may be disabled.
Online Services

You can now conduct some business with OKDHS online, rather than spending time in line or on the phone. Visit Online Services to learn what services are available to businesses, citizens, government, non-profits and researchers that help you do everything from finding quality child care to reviewing program statistics and from making child support payments to finding volunteer opportunities. Online Services even has information for OKDHS employees looking for online help with DHS WebMail.

Search Engine

You can search from thousands or even just a few of the DHS pages of online content using our search engine. All you need to do is enter a keyword or phrase in the search box that is found at the top right of every page.

Last Updated:  2/18/2015