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State of Change - OKDHS Strategic Plan (FY 2013-2018)

State of Change - OKDHS Strategic Plan


The Oklahoma Department of Human Services will be working diligently over the next five years to serve families and individuals in need. Innovative and effective programs and services will be used to create and maintain appropriate systems to best meet the needs of Oklahoma citizens.


The agency is experiencing a State of Change, the theme of this year’s Strategic Plan. Customer service, partnerships, employee engagement, business process improvement, communication and accountability are all key areas of focus for OKDHS and accomplishments in these areas will provide the foundation needed to move this agency forward in a positive manner toward important goals.


We will continue to prosper during this State of Change. Upcoming, large-scale changes are on the horizon for OKDHS. These changes include:

  • Child Welfare Reform;
  • Reorganization – Vertically Integrated Services;
  • State-Operated Resource Centers;
  • Information Technology Consolidation;
  • Community Engagement; and


Please see the full version of the 2012 OKDHS Strategic Plan to learn more about these changes and to learn more about what is on the horizon for the next 5 years.  If you would like a paper copy of the Strategic Plan, please contact Lacey Schoonover at 405-521-3552 or lacey.schoonover@okdhs.org


Last Updated:  6/25/2013