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OAC 317:  Chapter 35. Medical Assistance for Adults and Children - Eligibility

Subchapter 17. Advantage Waiver Services
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317:35-17-1.Overview of long-term medical care services; relationship to QMBP, SLMB and other Medicaid services eligibility  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-2.Level of care medical eligibility determination  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-3.ADvantage program services  Revised 7-1-13
317:35-17-4.Application for ADvantage services  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-5.ADvantage program medical eligibility determination  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-9.General financial eligibility requirements for the ADvantage program  Revised 8-1-07
317:35-17-10.Determining financial eligibility/categorical relationship for the ADvantage program  Revised 12-18-07
317:35-17-11.Determining financial eligibility for ADvantage program services  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-12.Certification for ADvantage program services  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-14.Case Management services  Revised 9-12-14
317:35-17-15.Redetermination of eligibility for ADvantage services  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-16.Member annual level of care re-evaluation and annual re-authorization of service plan  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-18.ADvantage services during hospitalization or NF placement  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-19.Closure or termination of ADvantage services  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-21.Case changes  Revised 6-26-00
317:35-17-21.1.ADvantage and agency Personal Care provider certification  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-22.Billing procedures for ADvantage services  Revised 9-12-14
317:35-17-23.Disclosure of information on health care providers and contractors  Revised 6-26-00
317:35-17-24.Referral for social services  Revised 6-25-12
317:35-17-25.Address Confidentiality Program  Issued 9-12-14
Last Updated:  11/4/2014