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Child Support Most Wanted List
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Please contact the Office of Special Investigations or call the child support hotline at 1-800-522-2922. You will remain anonymous.

Do you know or have information regarding an individual who appears on the Oklahoma Child Support Services Most Wanted list?

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The purpose of this list is to solicit information from the public to help locate individuals. Balances owed are subject to change. Individuals on this list may be currently making some payments or have made some payments in the past. This list is updated periodically, so it may contain the names of individuals who were located after the list was last updated.

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115 items found
ImageNameDistrict OfficeOwedDOB
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableAaron, William ToddMuskogee, OK$ 17,057.3703/03/1970
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableAlcantar, Clinton RayNorman, OK$ 19,696.784/11/1982
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableArmstrong, Jonathan F.McAlester, OK$ 34,457.4811/04/1987
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableBaker, Joshua ManiliPonca City, OK$ 45,027.4809/30/1975
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableBarney, Shawna JeanEl Reno, OK$ 27,372.0802/01/1976
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableBarnhart, Justin JamesPonca City, OK$ 12,279.0208/08/1983
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableBerry, Akkie RoshadNorman, OK$ 25,749.3810/09/1979
Warrant issued Gil Wray BoswoodBoswood, Gil WrayNorman, OK$ 80,422.3101/29/1962
Warrant issued Steven Lee BraudrickBraudrick, Steven LeeDurant, OK$ 46,410.2910/01/1979
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableBrock, Amber D Poteau, OK$ Pending07/04/1978
Warrant issued Acy BrownBrown, Acy JosephPonca City, OK$ 26,675.0110/03/1971
Warrant issued David Scott BrusveenBrusveen, David ScottTulsa East, OK$ 21,034.43 04/22/1969
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableBurney, Lee Myles Duncan, OK$ 75,965.4102/11/1974
Warrant issued Photo of Toni Marie BussellBussell, Toni MariePawhuska, OK$ 13,270.9305/14/1968
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableButler, Roger DarynPonca City, OK$ 77,029.9211/30/1979
Warrant issued Photo of Rodney Duane ChildressChildress, Rodney DuaneTahlequah, OK$ 148,445.2405/23/1968
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableChristie, David LeeJay, OK$ 11,164.7208/13/1965
Warrant issued Photo of Terrance Otto Clark, SRClark, SR, Terrance OttoOkmulgee, OK$ 36,346.5711/11/1956
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableColeman, Andrew MichaelJay, OK$ 28,837.5304/29/1983
Warrant issued Kenneth D. CooperCooper, Kenneth D.Bethany, OK$ 40,066.3610/16/1967
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableCraig, Tony DonSallisaw, OK$ 54,961.6101/27/1977
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableCrawford, Jeremy ScottSallisaw, OK$ 28,507.1409/01/1976
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableCrawford, Stephen CodyMuskogee, OK$ 16,816.7108/18/1985
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableDavis, Justin DarionPonca City, OK$ 65,204.2706/23/1975
Warrant issued Chelsea DavisonDavison, Chelsea JeanneChickasha, OK$ 7,755.6112/15/1983
Warrant issued Brian Michael DeMauroDeMauro, Brian MichaelTulsa West, OK$ 10,760.5706/02/1977
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableDollison, Monica JoyceMiami, OK$ 15,646.6004/17/1978
Warrant issued Curtis Eugene DorrellDorrell, Curtis EugeneMidwest City, OK$ 105,691.6507/27/1970
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableDozier, Steven PaulJay, OK$ 19,853.9807/14/1978
Warrant issued Deborah Jean EvansEvans, Deborah JeanTahlequah, OK$ 24,331.1901/22/1963
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableFields, Martchello Lewis Muskogee, OK$ 17,780.1608/18/1981
Warrant issued Photo of Samuel Travis FloydFloyd, Samuel TravisTahlequah, OK$ 34,523.2006/20/1976
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableFothergill, Brian RaySapulpa, OK$ 9,242.7111/19/1973
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableGaroutte, Kevin L.Bartlesville, OK$ 21,476.6803/31/1981
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableGaston, Mark AllenJay, OK$ 35,156.9511/17/1958
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableGatewood Jr., Charles HowardSallisaw, OK$ 39,720.6603/05/1978
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableGnade, Christopher LeeBethany, OK$ 36,997.4504/19/1967
Warrant issued View pictureGrass, Rodney LeeTulsa West, OK$ 109,589.3708/04/1973
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableHagerty, Michelle StephanieNorman, OK$ 30,303.4612/29/1980
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableHamilton, Charles AlbertBethany, OK$ 113,567.8105/31/1971
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableHardcastle, Robert LeeNorman, OK$ 31,886.7509/13/1978
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableHatfield, Dane Alan Miami, OK$ 13,239.5308/04/1973
Warrant issued Julio Ceasar HinojosaHinojosa, Julio CeasarJay, OK$ 14,430.9209/07/1974
Warrant issued Joe Dee HooperHooper, Joe DeeTahlequah, OK$ 34,322.7106/07/1963
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableHughes, Laconia Okmulgee, OK$ 37,679.3904/25/1971
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableHunt, Brian RogerNorman, OK$ 30,669.552/28/1961
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableJackson, Alan AdrianNorman, OK$ 19,914.4507/21/1965
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableJackson, Mayland L.Sallisaw, OK$ 37,689.2011/29/1976
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableJewell, Robert WilliamAda, OK$ 15,136.9306/16/1986
Warrant issued Michael Dean JohnsonJohnson, Michael DeanBethany, OK$ 10,385.7802/14/1969
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableJones, Jerrry WayneSallisaw, OK$ 36,997.4501/10/1978
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableKelsey, Zachary BlakeOkmulgee, OK$ 14,825.1110/28/1983
Warrant issued LaDell Nathan KingKing, LaDell NathanBethany, OK$ 138,039.7502/07/1969
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableKirk, Kristin Nicole Muskogee, OK$ 14,754.8711/20/1980
Warrant issued Charles KirkpatrickKirkpatrick, Charles E. Bartlesville, OK$ 30,334.6011/07/1968
Warrant issued Paul W. KnightKnight, Paul WayneArdmore, OK$ 119,362.7112/25/1958
Warrant issued Robert Bruce LangfordLangford, Robert BruceBartlesville, OK$ 37,651.1910/18/1958
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableLedbetter, Charles Ray Sallisaw, OK$ 43,986.3408/23/1958
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableLong, Dean AllenNorman, OK$ 50,649.5204/08/1975
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableLord, April Rene VaughnSapulpa, OK$ 24,921.934/24/1979
Warrant issued Luis E. MarroquinMarroquin, Luis EnriqueNorman, OK$ 30,439.7812/06/1979
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableMcDaniel, Melissa RoseMuskogee, OK$ 18,643.1006/22/1972
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableMixon, Maggie MarleneTulsa East, OK$ 13,961.8906/19/1980
Warrant issued Johnny Lee MorrisonMorrison, Johnny LeePoteau, OK$ 37,711.1008/17/1974
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableNelson, Jack MMuskogee, OK$ 52,777.3009/09/1970
Warrant issued Photo of Latif A. NichelsonNichelson, Latif A.Tulsa East, OK$ 50,222.4512/10/1978
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableNorris, Jr., Gary LavonNorman, OK$ 68,695.8304/22/1975
Warrant issued Photo of Winford Wayne NunleyNunley, Winford WayneMuskogee, OK$ 113,631.6207/29/1959
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableOliver, James WilliamPoteau, OK$ 13,466.775/02/1976
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableOliver, Sr., Charles MonroeTulsa East, OK$ 16,910.3307/19/1983
Warrant issued Benjamin G. OnealOneal, Benjamin GeneMiami, OK$ 11,739.2807/29/1979
Warrant issued Michael Leroy ParkerParker, Michael LeroyTulsa East, OK$ 21,791.7706/05/1984
Warrant issued Stanley Bedford PerretPerret, Stanley BedfordEl Reno, OK$ 45,135.4703/09/1970
Warrant issued Robert Earl PhillipsPhillips Jr., Robert EarlChickasha, OK$ 20,309.8105/31/1971
Warrant issued No Photo AvailablePittman, Kenton DeanNorman, OK$ 15,625.645/11/1978
Warrant issued No Photo AvailablePoole, George AndreaTahlequah, OK$ 38,784.4810/28/1976
Warrant issued Robert R. RadabaughRadabaugh, Robert R.Okmulgee, OK$ 19,864.6011/27/1965
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableRich, Michael AllenSallisaw, OK$ 30,073.0110/19/1971
Warrant issued Photo of Jimmy Dale RoeRoe, Jimmy DaleAltus, OK$ 49,812.2812/15/1968
Warrant issued Photo of Henry Dale RoseRose, Henry DaleSallisaw, OK$ 78,429.9306/23/1975
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableRouse, Demeterius DanteLawton, OK$ 14,684.0505/14/1975
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableRussell, Christopher M.Poteau, OK$ 14,280.6811/07/1980
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableSanders, Calvin RussellLawton, OK$ 21,858.2112/01/1986
Warrant issued David Edward Saxon IISaxon II, David EdwardTulsa East, OK$ 65,944.9402/27/1969
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableSchatt, Bradley WayneOkmulgee, OK$ 43,550.4106/01/1973
Warrant issued Scotty Allen SchmidtSchmidt, Scotty AllenChickasha, OK$ 58,980.2806/22/1979
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableSchulstad, Rachel M.Jay, OK$ 22,462.2502/10/1986
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableScott, Tambi ElizabethNorman, OK$ 22,107.6504/29/1980
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableSilva, Gabriel JoePoteau, OK$ 64,755.9305/06/1961
Warrant issued Michael Dale SmithSmith, Michael DaleOkmulgee, OK$ 37,836.8806/10/1961
Warrant issued Photo of Luther Lionel Steed, IISteed, II, Luther LionelNorman, OK$ 21,512.9602/06/1969
Warrant issued Brian Lynn StubblefieldStubblefield, Brian LynnDuncan, OK$ 44,284.9906/01/1973
Warrant issued Nickie Charles SudekumSudekum, Nickie CharlesNorman, OK$ 24,069.3310/09/1969
Warrant issued Photo of Megan L. SuggsSuggs, Megan L.Ponca City, OK$ 24,267.9103/25/1970
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableTartsah Sr., Ronald Chickasha, OK$ 84,549.1703/13/1951
Warrant issued Desmond Delmar TaylorTaylor, Desmond DelmarChickasha, OK$ 54,113.7411/26/1973
Warrant issued Photo of Lonnie Eugene TerryTerry, Lonnie EugeneBethany, OK$ 25,019.6911/22/1965
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableThomason, Amber LynnMiami, OK$ 5,370.2601/28/1988
Warrant issued Casey Daniel TownsendTownsend, Casey DanielJay, OK$ 27,537.8102/22/1984
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableTravis, Earl MaxTahlequah, OK$ 17,688.3708/08/1987
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableTraylor, Tyler DemondBethany, OK$ 39,660.227/28/1983
Warrant issued Robert Timothy Kaye TrentTrent, Robert Timothy KayeDurant, OK$ 47,175.3210/01/1968
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableWalker, Keevin OmarMuskogee, OK$ 78,164.797/27/1962
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableWatkins, James CorySapulpa, OK$ 31,040.8610/09/1980
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableWeaver III, Donnie Keith Poteau, OK$ 11,404.3509/22/1980
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableWhite, Michael GlennMuskogee, OK$ 21,245.2301/04/1977
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableWhitlow, Troy GeneOkmulgee, OK$ 19,460.1309/18/1963
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableWigington, James PhillipOkmulgee, OK$ 15,708.9707/19/1972
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableWolfe, Sonya KayNorman, OK$ 30,549.9510/19/1973
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableWorkings, Fleta BrooksMuskogee, OK$ 37,830.7710/02/1975
Warrant issued Bentley James WrightWright, Bentley JamesTulsa West, OK$ 18,323.4305/26/1981
Warrant issued Photo unavailable at this timeYork, Jr., Larry DeanMuskogee, OK$ 36,131.9911/19/1974
Warrant issued No photo availableYoung, Kody RoyTahlequah, OK$ 4,126.2512/14/1990
Warrant issued No Photo AvailableYounger, Preston Muskogee, OK$ 58,390.8903/17/1965
Warrant issued Gregorio Zubia-GarciaZubia-Garcia, Gregorio MiguelBethany, OK$ 18,358.6009/27/1980

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